RE: The Future Bliss

You could sometimes wonder, “Who will I be with?” or “When am i going to find a special person, i could pour my heart and soul into, without the fear of being disliked and hated?” My answer to you, you don’t have to, find a friend. Don’t rush, let time play it’s role in your life. There’s a lot waiting for you out there besides a GIRL, or guy. Your first kiss? No big deal, it’s the last kiss before death that matters, the person who was there with you a majority of your life is the one you will remember. Study and do well in school! I know that might seem ironic and you know… out of place, but i promise you, someone will love you for that instead of looks.

Think of your future, your LIFE, you live to see the future. Imagine the big building and mansions you’ll own because you worked hard now. My dad always said, “Invest, Invest, Invest, into big condos, small cheap companies that you think will grow big later, with that mindset you will become rich.”

My English Teacher always planned his lesson for his students to enjoy on the present day, not the future. He wanted students to enjoy their time now, because some might not have a future. Life can but cut in an instant, and I agree with him completely. I mean… who wants to do homework and take TESTS.. PFTTT….  but in all reality, our future can be just as important then as it is now.

Let’s talk stock, we all know about that BitCoin skyrocket. It was at what… $1 when I saw it a couple years ago? I, with many thousand others saw this and thought, “What kind’ve idiot makes up a currency called a BITCOIN… I mean… listen to it… BITCOIN… how idiotic does that sound,” but look what it became; each share of BitCoin was about $800! There’s a lot to see in the future, but there is as much to see then as it is now.

Theres a wonderful life ahead of you, don’t mourn over your present day problems, overcome them, DESTROY THEM and then move forward.

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RE: The Stuggle’s Real


You know what this shirt says…. You can relate so well to this! Procrastination! So many students and adults perform this act of inssanity! Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through so much pain and suffering? It turns from studying about the process of Chemical Bonding to watching Family Guy on Netflix!

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