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RE: YouTube Galore: NigaHiga

There are a lot of different variety of channels on the site. Some can be very funny with their comedy, some scare people with there unique talents, some do magic tricks and create a tutorial on how to do that particular trick! To name one we have, my favorite, NigaHiga! He once was top in the YouTube industry, he has over 10 million subscribers and counting!

To name some of the topics he has on his channels are content of humor, romance, and even some action videos! He takes normal objects like a lamp and gives that inanimate object a name, lamp, and brings it to life with it’s own personality.

He will continuously bring his viewer new and exciting videos that bring laughter to their rooms and his imagination is endless…

This sort’ve relates to how Creon in the story Oedipus regrets his decision to exile his two sisters which, in the end, caused his son to kill himself. It’s ironic because he was yelling at his father for the decision he has made, but in the end he regrets his own decision. Nigahiga, occasionally, makes these funny, ironic comedy sketches that really put a twist in your mind. He talks really fast and in later videos, he’ll contradict himself and make it presentable to his audience.



2 responses to “RE: YouTube Galore: NigaHiga

  1. Yasir

    Nigahiga is truly one of the best you tubers out there. His imagination helps him have endless possibilities of videos and his audience has expanded ever since he has begun. This video you posted easily portrays how much he has come through from and how much he has done since then. It also shows the hard work he puts into his videos. Great Job!

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