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CorridorDigital is created by two main producers: Sam & Niko. Their videos consists of a variety of high tech, futuristic action scenes that we normally do not see. They bring games like Portal and the Legend of Zelda to life and make a short video. Using animation editing and their professional team of stunt men and women they record their precisely written scripts.

If you’d like to learn how to edit animations and creating awesome futuristic props, this channel is the place to be. CorridorDigital will occasionally have live streams on showing their step by step process on creating a video. They, most of the time, use free programs that everyone can download and they show the details on their editing making it user-friendly to everyone.

In their video “First Person vs Third Person (Splinter Cell: Blacklist” they make an imitation of the games Black Ops and Battlefield. With their actors they composed a video reenacting the scenes of a typical mission on the video games. The gamers in the game have to complete their mission by defusing bombs placed by the opposing team. The two teams on this video are the Spies vs. the Mercs. The spies use their swiftness and silent techniques of killing to take out the opposing team, the Mercs. The Mercs have specialized weapons that are more common to that time period and have organized ways of carrying out their missions.

In many ways this is just like Google, and their growing knowledge of technology. They continue to improve and make change the world slowly at a time. All of the new graphics and designs that are being in Google Laboratories are just like the content this Youtube Channel creates. The realism is unbelievable and they continue to create content that is exciting and worth investing into!


I will be posting new posts every single week, stay tuned for more!

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  1. tigerfam1

    Corridor Digital also co-affiliate with Rocket Jump Productions, who recently wrapped Season 2 of VGHS! Sam and Niko are great friends with the head of Rocket Jump, Freddie Wong, and they all have a shared Youtube Channel for when they play games together called NODE, go check it out:

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