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RE: YouTube Galore: League Of Legends: Ryze (AtheneWins)

To all those gamers out there, here is one of the most notorious players of the League of Legends game! He is known for his aggressive and unique play style of the champion, Ryze. Athene is a diamond level player, ranking in Diamond V at the moment and is raising money for his foundation, Gaming for Good.

The purpose of this foundation is to raise money for the people that are less fortunate. On his website, you can purchase games with points you gain from watching their streams and donating! By donating to this charity, you instantly get that donation quadrupled because the government helps with this particular foundation. To watch streams you log onto to see the assortment of streams you can watch from like other “Leaguers” like SivHD. There is no profit gained by any of the developers or streamers.

Athene lived in a poor country in Europe and grew up in a very strong territorial ganged family. His father was a gang member and was the leader of his tribe. He protected his son Athene till adulthood from all of the bullying that has happened in his life. Through these inspiring acts, it pushed him to start this foundation to help others. He says that his purpose is to help others and he doesn’t care what others think of him.

As said in this Reddit post they claim that Athene has cheated ways into the high ranked positions of the game, though he did make a video on how the ranking system works and pointed out how everything ran, he did not cheat. He tries to keep his streams up 24/7 and nothing he does on his computer goes unchecked by the thousands of people watching his streams. He legitly proved his way to the Diamond league once again by making a brand new account and restarting his journey from scratch. He accomplished his goal in about two weeks playing in another country’s server.


Athene likes to have a build that is unique from the rest of the mainstreamed Ryze players. He builds 2 gold/10 (They are essentially items that you buy in the game that gives you gold per couple seconds) at the beggining and develops into the home guarded boots to teleport onto potential kills. By the late game, Athene’s Ryze will have 40% cool down, which is the max, a plentiful amount of mana to push him through countless team battles. He being the APC of the game does incredible damage due to his spamming of abilities, he has enough health and mana to solo baron at level 18 with his full build. I recommend using this build since it is easy to new players and usually never fails because the gold/10 items will help sustain if you don’t get any creep farm in the early game. To see the full build Athene uses check for more information. He has a full, in-depth guide on his character. He is one of the top ranked Ryze players in the world. Check the video up top to confirm this! 😀

The gods of the world decide the fate of every person. Whether it is to end a life or change it tremendously. Every play style and build sequence matters like the Fates and Furies, it will determine if you live and win the game, or die, losing the match. This build sequence that Athene offers is top-notch and will mostly guarantee success’ and kills to help secure the victory of your team.

Thank you!!

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  1. shortandrew ⋅

    what is your ranking in leauge?

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