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RE: YouTube Galore: PrankVsPrank

Welcome back to another post of ExploreTheTubers! This week we’re showing you one of the most iconic Youtube Pranksters! PrankVsPrank!!!!! This channel posts prank videos which mainly consists of a couple pranking each other. The two pranksters, Jesse and Jeana. The couple said in one of their vlogs that they originally started pranking because it was really fun and it keeps their relationship going. In their most popular video “Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank”

The girlfriend, Jeana, pranks her boyfriend by using a fake doll head as a replica boyfriend in her bed.  She places a series of cameras around their house to give different angles of Jesse’s face when he sees what happens. Her elaborate plan was to ignore her boyfriends calls for a couple days before he comes back from a long business trip and then when get gets home, he finds brand new, cologned, clothing hanging from the hooks right outside their white door to give the illusion that there is another person there. With over 18 MILLION views this is one best pranks out there.

They have another channel called BfvsGf, where they post their everyday vlogs about their life. This channel includes the “Behind-The-Scene” clips of the pranks that goes off in their main channel. These vlogs also show their daily life activities like what they eat, who they meet, what they do, etc…

Jesse has recently created a song called the Cookie Dance. He was inspired to create this song because there are so many rap songs around these days about bad influences like “weed” and “sex” so he created this song to have a more positive influence on rap music. His screen name, ChipChocolate, is a new image he has now that has been going around as a big prank to all these big names like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, One-direction. Him compared to the rest of the music industry is nothing, but he created this song and it’s one of the top 100 songs on all of Itunes. He laughed when he saw that his song was the top song in many countries around the world. Check out his Official Song

Cookie Dance

His new music video for this song will come out by the end of this year!

All this pranking really connects, in my mind, the story of Oedipus. What goes around comes around, as fate decides what happens to people, all the pain and suffering that happened to Oedipus, went down the line and caused pain to everyone eventually. Like the prankers in PrankvsPrank they go back and forth pranking eachother and claiming their victorious “belt” that they treat as if they are the HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONS!!! Life will go around and come around.

Thank you!!

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