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Re: YouTube Galore: Wong Fu Productions


Three intelligent film producers Ted, Phil, and Wes are the masterminds behind this ingenious YouTube channel. They specialize in short films and creates endless romantic, love stories. One of their famous “When it Counts” (sponsored by AT&T) they created this short sequel of love and hate. Matt, who is a “nice guy,” falls in love with a beautiful girl named Yuri, and confesses his love to her, but gets rejected, otherwords “friendzoned.” Matt’s best friend Justin then starts falling for Yuri and the love chain grows. The intense drama continues! Watch the sequel right down below!!



It’s really unique because they let the VIEWERS decide what happens next. After watching the first video, you vote on what should happen next. They take you to a separate page to vote and the continuation would depend on the viewers choice. The sequel is HIGHLY viewer friendly and all the fan’s that watch them love the idea of the mysterious cliff hangers.

The cliff hangers are sort’ve like the writings I do in my English Honors Class…. We write about the most odd subjects like what books we would use to write on an AP English essay. This sort’ve writing inspires us to do better because there’s so much unknown unknowns in the world.

With their sponsorship from AT&T they get a whole crew and production equipment to film their well-written plays. They have expensive cameras and professional camera men and women, make-up artists, as well as phones to showcase.

On their second channel More WongFu


They show the behind the scene shots of their films. Since there are 3 film producers, Wes, Phil, and Ted, they sometimes film different scenes at the same time, to save time. Usually Phil introduces the production crew on this channel, they make the filming look like a really great experience. The actors all enjoy their time making these films. But on this channel they also show a bit of their personal lives and what they do, like in one of the videos it showed Wes and Phil on a TacoBell trip to tryout TacoBell’s new taco. The other videos can include gameplay by Ted and Wes. In one of their most recent videos Wes is playing Broken Heart -Surgeon Simulator.

Sorry for the late post! I’ve been busy with classes and my life overall lately!! Come back for more next week! Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Leave a comment below.


4 responses to “Re: YouTube Galore: Wong Fu Productions

  1. Wong Fu Productions has always been a favorite YouTube channel of mine. I’ve been subscribed to them for over 4 years and their videos still amaze me to this day. They’re going to be at UCI and University High School this week so if you’d like to meet them, I think the event is free. Check on their website!

    • i don’t know if my last reply sent so i’ll just write another! Yeah i heard that UCI students got free tickets nad some are selling their tickets so i don’t think they’re free. Their film inspired our group to make films for our english project

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