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RE: YouTube Galore: DevinSuperTramp


(Stunt Filmer)


Welcome  back to another YouTube Galore! This time we have the amazing filmer Devin Graham catches the most eye-dropping shots across the U.S. He is sponsored by Mountain Dew and given a tank of gas to travel the U.S. filming crazy adventures. They are given a couple cars, money, and Mountain Dew to do anything they desire.

To name a few things they’ve done: Rope Swinging on a Canyon, Human Slingshot, Cliff Jumping, Long-Boarding and many more! A lot of the stunts and adventures are fan friendly and he lets any fan come to participate and have a chance to be in the wondrous videos. The videos get around 1-2 million views per video. It is a free event that he posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Devin Graham specializes in action type films because he works with a glidecam which helps with smooth shots. The camera is worth a couple grand and is very precise with all of it’s frames and clips. He used the camera to film skateboarding professionals, sliding fans, he even filmed Lindsey Stirling playing a Halo Medly. He’s worked with countless number of professionals and his work is one of the best.

The videos that DevinSuperTramp posted sparked a controversial debate with my group and I on how our videos should be captured. We are creating a YouTube Channel in inspiration from Devin and a couple other people like Nigahiga, and WongFu Productions, but the style filming captured by these artists are really unique in their own ways and we are trying to incorporate a lot of these styles into one, making our new channel more unique than others.

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2 responses to “RE: YouTube Galore: DevinSuperTramp

  1. You should add gifs so lazy people like me don’t have to click play on videos 😛 anyway, really cool post!

  2. thehomieg

    no, you answered all of my questions, i loved it, why are you so amazing

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