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RE: The Stress is Real

Have you ever wondered how stress hits you in the face around the time of Finals? You realize your grades are slipping, your tests are in two days and you still have no idea what you’re doing in the class? Then theres the original, boyfriend/girlfriend problems. You guys are getting into fights day and night, you argue about pointless things like “Why didn’t you text me back in 10 seconds like  I DO!!!! If we’re goign to stay in a relationship, you have to reply a little faster!” Then you notice that you reply as soon as you receive the text. Things overwhelm quite fast at that time of year huh?

Listening to that hour long video may sound gruesome and a waste of time.. but actually, it calms my mind. Instrumental Music is said to be the best type of music to listen to while doing homework since the words from pop songs could potentially interfere with what you’re thinking of. You’re so caught up on studying about biology, chemistry, Algebra, Calculus, but then your favorite song comes on and you sing the song out loud; it impairs the brain partially from retaining the full information you learned that day or night.

I love to help people with their relationship problems… The EASIEST solution to spouses like the example given about…. break up with them! It may sound really ironic and irrational, but why would you want to fight with someone 24/7? You should find a person that helps you with what you need, keeps your feeling in their consideration, and is smart enough to realize all the stress that is occurring in your life.

All this stress is sort’ve like an essay I had to write in Honors English. The prompt was AP level, the words made no sense to me, the overrall MEANING of the story made no sense. You could ask, “How did you write something, if you didn’t understand the story?” i usually reply by saying that i pick words that occur the most in the story and blabber about the subject. It may not relate to the prompt in anyway, but it looks like you know what you’re talking about. It’s sort’ve hard to grasp the concept of the prompt and the short story since i’m not an English student, i’m more of a math or science kind’ve person.

In the end, you should away remember that Stress is Temporary. Stress will not last forever, and there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. An hour in that one painful class, or one more minute with your crazy spouse may be gruesome, but it’ll past by faster than you think. Live Life Loving


3 responses to “RE: The Stress is Real

  1. shortandrew ⋅

    whenever i have stress i play league of legends to relieve some of it because i am so good at it and i always win and it makes me feel alot better when i win games i feel you bro

  2. thehomieg

    wow omg this song changed my life completely in ways i never knew could even happen. before listening to this song i was really depressed this morning because i was so tired of school and my mom forgot to buy my favorite jam and eggo waffles for breakfast. it was just a terrible day.
    but then i stumbled on to this blog unknowingly and this relaxing sensation overwhelmed me and i felt like i was in heaven. wow i just want to personally thank you for creating this blog and i totally thank God for creating such a beautiful creature such as yourself. peace out

  3. Border line grades are the worst dude!!! Thanks for the playlist of relaxing piano music! ^_^

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