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RE: My Beautiful

The Love. The One. The Beautiful that brightens your day. Through tough obstacles and big surprises they are the one there waiting for you. She is the light at the end of your dark tunnel, through messages and long conversations, you forge a bond that tightens as time swifts by. The thought of her hair waving in the wind as leaves dance across the perfect summer breeze makes your heart race.

Have you ever met those special people that have a positive influence on your life? They help you through tough times, they’re there when you need them. It could be your best friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, or even your family. You sometimes sit there… thinking… thinking of the reasons they came into your life. How did you encounter them, how did your everlasting relationship start? Sometimes you may not remember how, but I do and i’ll tell ya about it.

My Beautiful. I was strolling through the long winded sidewalk, making small talk. I was gazing at the summer blue sky with popcorn shaped clouds swimming through the shades of blue. The sun had just awoken, and the birds sing their songs as squirrels run past long fields of green grass. Then…. I notice her, the best friend that I have today, with the voice of an angel, she called out to me, “Hey Andrew.” And from then…. Our sharing history starts.

One day you can be strangers, the next you’re like family. Life moves fast, sort’ve like my experience in class while we were having fun. We had this day called “Mish Mash Day.” It’s basically a day where the teacher offers a wide variety of activities to keep you occupied, but they all relate to what you’ve been doing in that class. In the beginning I thought that this day was completely insane and the class would feel like days, but things changed. I started doing an activity and the next thing I knew, the bell was ticking down: 3……. 2…….. 1……. *Ring Ring Ring*!

You only have so long with a friend, by the time you know it you’re going to have kids and a family to take care of. (Sounds kind’ve redundant huh? Parents and adults say that a lot? It’s okay… I get to feel older for once with some responsibility!) But all in all, it is true, life will past like a breeze. Cherish your loved ones and ‘Beautifuls’ as long as you can. Don’t stay home watching Netflix, or play games, walk in the park at night under the moonlit night with stars appreciating your presence drinking some Starbucks.

True Story


6 responses to “RE: My Beautiful

  1. katrya2286 ⋅

    That was beautifully and wonderfully written. I think we’re all so caught up with breaking life into chunks and day by day, that we forget to look at it as a whole and appreciate all the little things. That was a really special post and I loved the video as well! 🙂

  2. I love this post! You talked about it in class and I just had to read it. So heartfelt and well written. I absolutely loved the video that you included. It touched my heart! It reminded me of Wong Fu, and I love them too! Keep up the great posts!

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