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RE: The Stuggle’s Real


You know what this shirt says…. You can relate so well to this! Procrastination! So many students and adults perform this act of inssanity! Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through so much pain and suffering? It turns from studying about the process of Chemical Bonding to watching Family Guy on Netflix!

Finals are coming around, tests are getting closer and closer. As the date of death comes, we sit at our desk looking at a piece of paper thinking, “Man.. The test is in a couple days… I’ll study tomorrow,” but as two or 3 days pass, we find ourselves cramming in every last bit of information we can at 3 in the morning! Why?! 

During those couple of days that we procrastinate, what do we do? We talk on Facebook? We post Instagram pictures? It’s such a wastes of time, but we still do it! I mean if you put that little extra bit of time to study and Ace that final, acing that class, you could potentially get into a good school, get a good job, and make enough money so that you can retire at an early age! Then… you can watch Netflix. 

Don’t let Procrastinism, an addiction to procrastinate, get you… It’s deadly, and it consumes your day with anger, frustration, a feeling of numbness in your brain from lack of sleep! It’s PROVEN that if you don’t procrastinate, you get more sleep, according to my recent studies on myself! As fake Dr. EXPLORETHETUBERSE says, “Procrastination is very common among young teens, but as a fake doctor… I recommend that you don’t fall into this common trend, make yourself different, get your work done!”

But…. we all know… despite anyone and everyone telling you not to procrastinate… You still will.


One response to “RE: The Stuggle’s Real

  1. That shirt is literally my life! I procrastinate so much, it’s crazy. 😦

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