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RE: The Suspense of Light


Don’t Worry, there’s light, but you have to fight through darkness

It’s midnight, the city’s asleep. The birds lay quietly in their nests, waiting till the brink of dawn, but I sit here. There’s so much homework left to do, they’re PILES upon PILES of work to be finished, but NONE…  is done. She and I, we Skype at the darkest of the night till the the clock strikes twelve. We live separate lives during the day. You live in another city, another town, with a different group of people. Although the distance between us may be far apart, our hearts are connected as if we were one.

The night,  I wish would last an eternity. Your voice, I wish would play for hours. Your pearly smile, I wish would shine for everlasting days. We Skype for hours, everyday. We sit and talk, we sit and do homework, we sit and just take glances at each other. I take peeks at you when you aren’t looking, but you manage to catch me. Our conversations go wild, it ranges from being “mushy” (Feeble, sentimental feelings of love that are expressed) to talking about milk. We talk about what milks better and why, but my milks always better you know? My milk, ma’am… comes from COWS. Your milk may come from cows too! BUT! My milk is obviously better since it’s mine!

You make me smile at the oddest times and I hopefully do the same for you. Your presence is enough to leave a positive feeling throughout my day.

Your sister intervenes, your dad spies, but in the end you’re more sly. You’re very keen and shrewd, you’re a constant reminder to push for success.

This was in danger when one night you started a text with “We need to talk, I have to tell you something.” At that point, my life started to spiral. The phrase… it just came…. it came like a bullet! Did I do something wrong? Are you… falling for another person? Are you moving to another country? The possibilities were endless. You left no clues. You left no traces for me to follow. You were the light of my day, you essentially became apart of my day despite our distance, but with those few words, it felt like you were across the word from me.

The path grew longer, the light fading. It was as if I were a giant and you were an ant on the other side of the room. The hour that you fell asleep peacefully, I was sitting, pacing, thinking aloud  the possible reasons that would’ve aggravated such a text. You lay there dreaming of yellow dandelions sway in the mid-summer breeze, but I thought of dark storms, a wizard RAGING. Thunderbolts, the roar of a king, howling, rain shooting at the poor countryside. Dark, black clouds contaminate the night sky with a face of anger, frustration, and sadness. The trees shaking wildly as screams are bombarded upon it.

Then you woke in the dread of the night to fuel my storm saying, “I don’t know how i should tell you.” Contributing to my storm, you create Destroyers……….. but then create Angels by saying you………. like……….  me? In a split second the mood of my storms have changed into hope and serenity. Flowers bloom when you said that I mean a lot to you? You’re in my life now….. and it just wouldn’t be the same if you… disappeared.

In the darkness of a storm, there is said to be a spot of light. In a tornado, in the middle of a tornado there is said to be peace and serenity. Life fades, the light to heaven is shining above. My light of heaven hit when you replied. The weight I had to carry was lifted in a second. You seek to surprise me, we’ll have obstacles, but… we’ll push through.

Through the painful essays on love and Valentines Day, long hours of stress for final grades to be posted, we’ll push through
My homework although… is still left undone.


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