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Perspectives of Love



Is there a perfect person?
Is there a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife?
Is the perfect perfect person blonde hair blue eyed,
Or does the body matter the most?
Some prefer a beautiful personality,
While others prefer an assertive, independent woman?
Should a perfect man be a tall, muscular bodied figure?


Who determines the “Perfect?”
You Friends,
Your Family,
The Authority?
The President?

A perfect person can vary from person to person
But does that give you the right to judge another person?

In sports they say there’s a way to hit a ball in tennis
They say the form of so and so is better than other,
Federer’s form may be superior compared to Nadal.
In the end, they both win.
The same job is accomplished, so who are you to judge who’s better?

women men couple depth of field tree trunk perspective 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_12



You could ask me what I prefer in a soulmate,
But i’d tell you what I just said….


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