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Time. Will. Tell.


They say time is priceless, nothing in the entire universe can buy time, for time controls everything. If only we had more… If only… If only.

I sit on my chair thinking of the beautiful time i’ve had with all my friends and family. The moments of love and happiness that has been ongoing since the day we’ve met, but vanished in a split second. Everyone shares our pain, everyone shares our struggles and problems, but we confront this dilemma in our own ways. Some fight with cursing, some fight with their hands…. Some blackmail.. some…. do acts of sinister evil that we all know is not right. But you…fought it gracefully, like a swish of the sword of a samurai, a clean cut, a clean end.



From the first words, to the our private events, to endless conversations on the phone. To the laugh’s and giggles, to the nights of eternal darkness only to be awaken by the comfort of one and another. The night’s of prayer with OUR God… To the lunch table… and a¬†walk down the path of happiness.

If only we had more time…If only we had more time to together, but with stress and the future. I guess we just have to wait, for Time Will Tell


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