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The Master Gardeners

This Guy Misspells Father at a Spellingbee for a Beautiful Reason


Our “Father” the “master gardeners, who tend to every leaf,” she shows us the loves that no one else can. She cleans, she works, she feeds, she teaches the child who will one day grow up to be a man of society. She is the one who stays behind for her child, she will give her life for them. The Moms, the ones who go through pain, anxiety, deprivation of sleep to tend to her child. This video portrays a man who purposely misspells a word (father) at a spelling bee to prove that his mom is above everything else. He spells “Father” as “M O T H E R” and explains why he has the right to do so. We don’t show our moms enough love most of the time, but for this upcoming mothers day I say that we give up something special for our mom. Our mom who goes through pain and agony for OUR wellbeing. This man gave up the chance of winning a prestigious award at a spelling bee to prove to the crowd that his mom is the best. His mom is the greatest and worth more than anything in the world.

On Earth day this year, my English teacher took us on a “field trip” with one condition, We don’t Talk. A simple rule, yet very challenging. He took us around the campus to admire the school. He explained the history of the school, the trees that layed upon our beloved High School, and that had me thinking, “Why is he doing this?” Why do we need to know this, and the thought of my mom hit me. She would be the one explaining all these little things that wouldn’t have been taught by anyone else. Awards are replaceable…. ¬†Money is replaceable… Our Iphones, Ipads, androids, computers are ALL replaceable, but our mom are not. Love your mom, for she is the only mom you will ever get.


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