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Bullying: The Source of Innovation

Inspiration for the New Generation


Going through rough times, going through the darkness is painful and very complicated. Bullying…. the source of sadness and pain of a lot of students in school. There are many other options than the one you’re thinking. Trust me, take these kids as inspiration, music is beautiful.

Music is the source of innovation, the source of happiness and love. With music you can create happiness and endless hours of dreams. Whether it’s on paper, whether its on the piano or violin it will cure you’re sadness. Give it a try.. give it a chance for it will change your perspective of life.

Don’t live for past, but for today and the future.


Take some time to just listen to music. Listen to each word sang, each note played, but the story it tells. Music is like a story, it can tell stories that cannot be explained in any language. There’s emotion, there’s liveliness and it can change your life if you can read it.

When I was going through my hard times, i personally listened to piano music since I was a pianist. I played the piano, so it was only natural to listen to it. Learning all the terms, all the ways of playing piano (I’m currently level 10 CM, Certificate of Merit) I learned to read the stories that each composer had. With my depression I read the stories they had to tell and learned the hardships they were going through. All the pain they had to endure to create such a delicate piece of music is incredible. I might sound like I’m crazy or something, but the power of music is incredible. It changed my life, it changed the way i played piano, but… it also changed the way I looked at life.

Take these young fellows in this video, they’re so small, and you would NEVER think they would be bullied. They’re Brittish, young, and handsome! Why in the world would they be bullied, look at yourself you are just the same as them. You have the same hair, the same eyes, and hands as them, why should YOU be accustomed to bullying? You could move schools, tell your teachers, or SPEAK UP. You are the love of many, you are the son of your parents, but you are the future Michael Jackson, or Bill Gates. Love life, speak up, and look for today and tomorrow because the past is over.give up


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